The Lebanese Directorate General of Civil Aviation has issued a circular banning Lebanese flight attendants from flying to Israeli airports. The circular was issued on December 3, 2016.

There are currently no flights between the two nations, which have technically been at war since 1948. Israeli citizens, or any people with an Israeli stamp in their passport, are forbidden entry to Lebanon. For its part, Israel considers Lebanon an enemy state. Given the political situation, the directive is presumably aimed at Lebanese cabin crew working on foreign airlines.

The new advice comes shortly after an incident in which a Lebanese plane was photographed on an Israeli tarmac. The B737-400 had recently been returned from a wet-lease contract on behalf of WOL - Wings of Lebanon (WLB, Beirut). It was then used on a Tailwind Airlines (TI, Istanbul Airport) Antalya-Tel Aviv Ben Gurion flight in Wings of Lebanon colours. The error almost caused a diplomatic incident after the photograph was widely circulated on social media.