Great Lakes Airlines (Cheyenne) is in talks over the start of start of scheduled passenger flights out of Carlsbad, CA McClellan Palomar airport.

KBPS TV news quotes airport manager Olivier Brackett as saying Great Lakes Airlines could start commercial flights to Los Angeles International as soon as June. United Airlines (UA, Chicago O'Hare), the airfield's last large scale commercial carrier, last served Palomar using SkyWest Airlines (OO, Salt Lake City) in 2015. The airfield's allure is limited given the length of its runway 6/24 is only 1,500 metres.

“Great Lakes operate aircraft that can fly in and out of the airport today,“ Brackett said. “They don’t need a runway extension — and they’re getting the connecting agreements with the connecting airlines, which is key when you’re flying to LA.”

Great Lakes Airlines will operate the service in conjunction with United Airlines (UA, Chicago O'Hare). The president of Great Lakes Airlines, Chuck Howell, has confirmed that his airline is finalizing negotiations with United Airlines over the route's schedules and fares.