Sonair (SOR, Luanda) has commenced scheduled passenger flights to M'Banza Congo Airport, the airfield serving the capital of Angola's northwestern Zaire Province.

An airline statement said the recently inaugurated service, M'Banza Congo's only scheduled passenger flights, would operate 3x weekly to/from Luanda via Soyo using Beech 1900D equipment. The Sunday return service will, however, operate from Soyo to Luanda via M'banza Congo.

M'Banza Congo Airport, located in the center of the city, stopped receiving commercial traffic in October 2009, when it was closed for recovery and expansion works.

A UNICEF World Heritage site, M'banza Congo lies close to Angola's border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It was once the home of the Manikongo, the ruler of the Kingdom of Kongo during the pre- and early Portuguese colonial period.