Med-View Airline (VL, Kano) Managing Director Muneer Bankole has confirmed the Nigerian carrier is scouting for investors willing to shore up its capital reserves to the tune of USD50 million.

"We are looking for partners and interested persons for funding up to $50 million from the UAE. We have six aircraft and will be adding two more in order to grow step-by-step," he told the Khaleej Times newspaper.

Bankole added that Med-View Airline was currently in advanced talks with Boeing (BOE, Chicago O'Hare) over the acquisition of B777 equipment.

"We are coming to talk to UAE banks and investors to see how they can be a partner. We hope to close the deal for two new aircraft in the first quarter," he said.

Med-View Airline operates two B737-400s, one B737-500, one B767-300(ER), and wet-leases one B737-800, one B767-300(ER), and one B777-200(ER) from euroAtlantic Airways (YU, Lisbon). It offers scheduled passenger flights throughout Nigeria as well as to the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. According to Lagos Stock Exchange filings, it generated a net profit of NGR1.274 billion naira (USD3.543 million) for the first nine-months of 2017.