TAME Ecuador (EQ, Quito Int'l) has formally terminated services to Venezuela because the route stopped being profitable and due to technical problems at Caracas Simón Bolivar International Airport, El Comercio newspaper has reported.

The Ecuadorian carrier's last flight to the Venezuelan capital - EQ 524 Quito Int'l to Caracas via Bogotá - departed on Saturday, February 3, and follows a decision that had been announced last October.

TAME joins the growing list of international carriers to withdraw from Venezuela citing difficulties in repatriating ticket sales in hard currency as well as a deteriorating security situation.

According to the ch-aviation schedules module, the only remaining foreign passenger airlines that still serve Caracas include Air Europa, Air France, American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Copa Airlines, Cubana, Iberia, LAW - Latin American Wings, TAP Air Portugal (using euroAtlantic Airways equipment), and Turkish Airlines.