Avianca Group has transferred a first A320-200N for its avianca airlines Ecuador (2K, Quito International) unit in the form of N776AV (msn 8280).

The 4.8-year-old aircraft leased from SMBC Aviation Capital was recently retired by avianca airlines (AV, Bogotá), entering into maintenance at Medellín José Maria Córdova on March 3, 2023. It was ferried to Quito International on March 20, repainted in a hybrid livery commemorating AeroGal, the privately-owned carrier acquired by Avianca Group in 2009 and subsequently rebranded as Avianca Ecuador.

The Ecuadorean airline has thus far operated one A319-100 (registered in the United States) and six A320-200s (five on the local Ecuadorean HC- register and one registered in the US). Avianca Airlines Ecuador operates its flights exclusively under the 'AV' code of Avianca Airlines.

Avianca Ecuador is practically tied with LATAM Airlines Ecuador (XL, Quito International) in terms of the market share out of Ecuador, with the airlines having a 31.6% and a 32.2% market share by scheduled weekly departure capacity in the country. Following the liquidation of state-owned TAME Ecuador, the largest unaffiliated Ecuadorean carrier is Equair (Quito International) with an 8.5% market share in terms of the scheduled departure capacity.