euroAtlantic Airways (YU, Lisbon) has announced it has acquired three B767-300(ER)s from Hainan Airlines (HU, Haikou) as part of its fleet expansion plans. Of the three aircraft, understood to be msn 33047, 33048, and 33049, two are at Naples Capodichino undergoing C-Checks and reconfiguration. The third will shortly be ferried from Beijing Capital to Europe. All three are due in service by July 14.

"The arrival of these Boeing B767-300ER that used to belong to Hainan Airways, a TAP Air Portugal shareholder, will ensure we can fulfil our contracts over the coming years and foresee the acquisition of new models," euroAtlantic owner and chairman Tomaz Metello said in a statement. "US manufacturer Boeing is still on our radar but we are also looking at European builder Airbus in the future if it offers better cost/benefit options and we will take our structural decisions accordingly."

The Portuguese ACMI/charter specialist's fleet currently consists of one B777-200(ER), six B767-300(ER) passenger jets and one B737-800.