The operator of Manila Ninoy Aquino Int'l Airport has raised the penalty against Xiamen Airlines (MF, Xiamen) for damage caused to airport infrastructure by one of its B737-800s during an aborted landing last month.

The airport initially planned to charge the Chinese carrier PHP15 million pesos (USD278,000). However, after further calculations of the total costs associated with the August 16 crash landing, it decided to more than quadruple the amount to PHP72 million pesos (USD1.3 million), the Inquirer reported.

The compensation is mostly related to the repair of damage caused by the carrier's Boeing twinjet after it veered off the runway during roll out. It also covers all losses suffered by the Filipino gateway due to the closure of the runway, operational difficulties, delays, and cancellations.

Xiamen Airlines' B737-800 B-5498 (msn 37574) veered off the runway at Manila after landing in bad weather on the evening of August 16. No injuries were reported, although the aircraft sustained some damage. The B737 has not yet resumed operations and remains grounded at Manila.