Boeing's China CEO, Liu (Alvin) Qing, has used the aircraft manufacturer's WeChat account to say all B737 MAX in the country have resumed flight operations almost four years after a worldwide grounding and one year after Chinese carriers gradually began restarting MAX operations.

"In 2023, the Chinese B737 MAX fleet that consists of nearly 100 aircraft were fully back in service with higher efficiencies," Qing posted on December 29, 2023.

According to ch-aviation fleets data, 11 carriers have a total of ninety B737-8s in the air, with a further five on the ground for maintenance purposes. They include;

While Boeing manufactures various variants of the B737 MAX, thus far, Chinese airlines have only employed the B737-8. However, a further 209 MAX on order from 15 Chinese carriers are in various stages of construction, including;

  • Five B737-8s for 9 Air;
  • Twenty-two B737-8s for Air China
  • Five B737-8s for China Eastern Airlines;
  • Forty-four B737-8s for China Southern Airlines;
  • Ten B737-10s and and seven B737-8s for Donghai Airlines (DZ, Shenzhen);
  • Two B737-8s for Fuzhou Airlines;
  • Three B737-8s for Hainan Airlines;
  • Three B737-8s for Kunming Airlines (KY, Kunming Changshui);
  • Three B737-10s and four B737-8s for Okay Airways (BK, Tianjin);
  • Two B737-7s and thirty-four B737-8s for Ruili Airlines (DR, Kunming Changshui);
  • Thirteen B737-8s for Shandong Airlines;
  • Eight B737-8s for Shanghai Airlines;
  • Sixteen B737-8s for Shenzhen Airlines; and
  • Twenty-five N737-8s for Xiamen Airlines.

In addition, manufacturing is yet to begin on eighteen B737-8s, including one going to China Eastern Airlines, thirteen to Donghai Airlines, one each to Lucky Air and Shenzhen Airlines, and two destined for Okay Airways.

In recent years, the Chinese government has put the brakes on deliveries from Boeing. However, there are some signs this is changing. Boeing recently handed over its first B787 type since 2019 to a Chinese customer - Juneyao Air (HO, Shanghai Hongqiao), and B777 deliveries have recommenced, with Chinese carriers taking a reported eight in November 2023.