Adria Airways (JP, Ljubljana) has cancelled its deal with Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (Zhukovsky) covering the long-term dry-lease of fifteen SSJ 100/95s.

"While the aircraft type per se still seems very attractive, Adria Airways has not been able to finalize the contractual clauses with the Russian side. There were growing concerns on Adria's side about [Sukhoi Civil Aircraft's] commitment to a fair and stable long-term partnership as well as lacking a common vision of further strategic development of the company," the Slovenian carrier said in a statement.

Adria Airways inked the agreement to add fifteen Russian regional jets in November 2018.

The carrier said that its fleet will remain unchanged in the light of the cancellation. Adria Airways currently operates three A319-100s, two CRJ700s, nine CRJ900s, and six Saab 2000s.

"Given that Adria doesn't need to finance the transition to a new aircraft type anymore and based on its positive business plan, no additional capital increase is planned," the carrier added.

Adria's owner, German fund 4K Invest, earlier pledged to inject additional EUR10 million euros (USD11.2 million) in the first quarter of 2019. This is now called off.