LATAM Airlines Group will terminate its 3x weekly service from Guayaquil in Ecuador to Madrid Barajas on December 13, 2019. The route is the sole transatlantic service operated by LATAM Airlines Ecuador (XL, Quito Int'l).

In a press release, LATAM said that the decision was taken for business reasons in that the route had turned unprofitable.

Flights are currently with a B767-300(ER). LATAM Airlines Ecuador operates two widebodies of the type and also deploys them from Guayaquil to Lima Int'l and New York JFK, the ch-aviation schedules module shows.

Besides LATAM, Air Europa currently flies 5x weekly between Guayaquil and Madrid using A330-200 aircraft, while KLM Royal Dutch Airlines operates 3x weekly to Amsterdam Schiphol using the B777-200(ER). Both carriers operated their routes from Guayaquil as an extension of flights to Quito Int'l with a stop only on the inbound leg to Europe.

LATAM Airlines does not offer transatlantic services from Quito or any other airport in Ecuador.

Guayaquil continues to have a substantial intercontinental network with multiple flights to North America (both to Latin America and to the United States).

Editorial Comment: The article has been amended after incorrectly describing KLM's and Air Europa's operations as seasonal. - 04.07.2019 - 06:33 UTC