FedEx Express (FX, Memphis Int'l) is planning to retire all DC-10-10(F) and A310-300(F) freighters within the next two years in response to the global market slowdown, Chairman Fred Smith said during the quarterly earnings call.

"We will retire twenty MD-10-10 aircraft over the current and next fiscal year [i.e. by the end of May 2021], which will eliminate that fleet type from our air operations. We are highly likely to also retire the remaining 10 A310 aircraft this year, which will also lead to the elimination of that fleet type. In addition, we are parking the equivalent capacity of seven MD-11(F) aircraft this fiscal year," Smith said.

Smith said that the carrier is facing an increasingly tough global market situation with "the decision to not renew our largest Amazon contract and deepening trade disputes" affecting its situation.

According to the ch-aviation fleets advanced module, the American cargo specialist currently operates three A310-300(F)s and seventeen MD-10-10(F)s. Its fleet also includes twelve MD-10-30(F)s, fifty-six MD-11(F)s, sixty-eight A300-600(F)s, 111 B757-200(PF)s, seventy-seven B767-300(F)s, and forty-two B777-Fs.

FedEx also has firm orders for a further fifty B767-300(ERF)s and ten B777-200(F)s directly from Boeing.