Interjet (AIJ, Toluca) will have the support of the Mexican government, if needed, in a dispute with the mass media company Televisa, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador said in a press conference on November 28.

The government was ready to mediate in the dispute, local media reported López Obrador as saying when asked about the carrier's financial problems. He assured that everything would be done so that national companies “do not fail”.

“We have information that it is a company that is fulfilling its service, and however we can help we will do it,” the leftist president said.

Last week, the newspaper Reforma reported that judges had ordered that bank accounts belonging to the Aleman family, which controls Interjet, be seized over debts owed to Televisa relating to the purchase of a radio station. Televisa had sued the family for breaching a contract for the purchase of 50% of the shares in the broadcaster Sistema Radiópolis, according to the report.

Interjet responded in a statement that its accounts had not been frozen and that it was operating as normal.

“We have offered our intermediation to reach an agreement and not have to go to court, because they have asked us, and we will be in the best disposition to help reconcile these companies so that they continue to serve,” Reuters' Mexico bureau reported López Obrador as saying.