Via Airlines (VC, Orlando Int'l) has filed an application with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to resume commuter air service as soon as possible using a single E145.

Via Airlines ceased all commercial flights in May 2019 and subsequently underwent bankruptcy. As a result of the process, the airline was bought in July 2020 by Wexford Capital and its executives through the investment firm's subsidiary Via Acquisitions LLC.

The airline's new owner is majority-owned by CD Holding Company (which holds an 80.9% share), an investment vehicle for the Chairman, Chief Investment Officer, and Co-Founder of Wexford Capital, Charles Davidson. J Jacobs Holdings LLC, which is owned and controlled by Wexford's president and co-founder, Joseph Jacobs, owns a further 10% share in Via Acquisitions.

Via Acquisitions, in turn, owns 95% of Via Airlines, with the remainder owned by Amos and Irit Vizer, who served on Via Airlines' board prior to its bankruptcy.

Via Airlines said it plans to "serve several communities with varying levels of weekly scheduled service during its first year of operations. The service envisioned will be point-to-point with route segments of appropriate lengths for the regional jet aircraft that Via plans to operate". The carrier will start operations with a single E145 before adding a second of the type in the future.

The airline did not name any of the specific markets it hopes to serve.

Chief Executive Wayne Heller told ch-aviation last month that the carrier would rebrand ahead of its relaunch and operate as Sterling Airways (Jacksonville Craig, FL).