Contrary to earlier indications that it would abandon the type, Jet Airways (JAI, Mumbai International) is now contemplating reactivating some of its owned B777-300(ER)s when it restarts, a source told The Economic Times.

At the time of its grounding amidst an acute liquidity crisis in April 2019, Jet Airways operated nine B777-300(ER)s, of which it owned six. One of them was sold by Dutch administrators for USD9 million but the airline retains the other five aircraft. Three of them are stored at Mumbai International airport and the other two at Delhi International, the ch-aviation fleets module shows.

According to new owners, the Kalrock Capital-Murari Lal Jalan consortium, Jet Airways plans to restart in the first quarter of 2022. International flights - albeit initially only short- and medium-haul - could relaunch in the second half of the next year. Before that happens, however, the airline has to complete the necessary paperwork. And while its Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) has only been suspended and not withdrawn, the revalidation has yet to be completed.

Besides the B777s, Jet Airways also owns one A330-200, two B737-800s, and one B737-900.