RoadRunAir Aviation has acquired its first E145 as it plans to launch as a charter broker proffering package tours including accommodation and attractions.

N832HK (msn 145771), a 17.9-year-old aircraft operated between 2003 and March 2020 by now-defunct Trans States Airlines, was ferried from storage at Bangor via Morristown Municipal to Fort Lauderdale International on September 29, 2021. It has been painted in the start-up's livery but has not flown since delivery to Fort Lauderdale almost a month ago.

RoadRunAir said on its website that it would offer a "VIP experience" with shuttles to and from the airport and operations from private FBO terminals. Its E145 will be configured for just 30 passengers.

There is no evidence of RoadRunAir applying for its own Air Operator's Certificate (AOC). Its terms and conditions suggest that it will outsource the operation of its aircraft to third-party carriers but has not identified them. It did not respond to ch-aviation's request for comment.

RoadRunAir Aviation was incorporated in October 2020 and is managed by Moti Engelmann and Uri Argov.