Lattitude Hub (Tenerife Sur) has reinforced its connections between Tenerife Sur and both Madrid Barajas and Bilbao for the winter season, with a slight alteration - it will now operate under its initial brand Canarian Airways (2021) (Tenerife Sur).

After it suspended its flights with just a few days in operation in late July, it resumed them once again, as ch-aviation previously anticipated, on November 11.

Its single aircraft, A319-100 EC-NMO (msn 5079), chartered in from One Airways (OEW, Madrid Barajas), is currently operating Madrid-Tenerife 3x weekly and Bilbao-Tenerife 1x weekly, according to the ch-aviation capacities module.

With the name change, the company said in a statement that it sought to “strengthen its commitment to the destination and position itself in the market with a more recognisable name that directly links the company to its origins.”

Jorge Marichal, the company’s president, explained: “We began to operate under the name of the parent company, but Canarian Airways is what we are, our original idea, and with which we want to show Canarian society that we are part of it and are committed to its economic and social development - without forgetting that in our main source markets it is easily recognisable, as it is linked to a leading world destination.”

Fourteen businessmen from the hotel and restaurant sector on the Canary Islands joined forces in 2020 to create Lattitude Hub to reduce the lack of connectivity between the archipelago and the mainland and without having to depend on the wayward decisions of tour operators or other airlines.

This year, demand has constantly been subject to last-minute cancellations. Still, according to the Spanish digital daily Okdiario, for the next two months, hotels on the islands are already registering occupancy close to 80%, and on specific dates close to 100%.