EgyptAir Holding has put all nine of its mothballed ERJ 170-100LRs up for sale via public auction with bids due by December 20, 2021.

Tender documentation seen by ch-aviation shows the carrier is selling the following Embraer regional jets:

  • SU-GCT (msn 17000167): a 2007 build with 23,961 flight hours and 25,565 flight cycles;
  • SU-GCX (msn 17000178): a 2007 build with 21,930 flight hours and 24,406 flight cycles;
  • SU-GCY (msn 17000185): a 2007 build with 23,072 flight hours and 24,894 flight cycles;
  • SU-GDF (msn 17000266): a 2008 build with 21,847 flight hours and 21,780 flight cycles;
  • SU-GDG (msn 17000269): a 2009 build with 22,350 flight hours and 21,994 flight cycles;
  • SU-GDH (msn 17000274): a 2009 build with 22,275 flight hours and 21,186 flight cycles;
  • SU-GDI (msn 17000276): a 2009 build with 20,485 flight hours and 19,897 flight cycles;
  • SU-GDJ (msn 17000282): a 2009 build with 21,265 flight hours and 20,412 flight cycles; and
  • SU-GDK (msn 17000284): a 2009 build with 20,683 flight hours and 19,459 flight cycles.

The aircraft were operated by EgyptAir Express (Cairo International) until March 2020 and are currently stored at Cairo International airport, except for SU-GDJ, which is parked at Sharm el Sheikh. The aircraft are airworthy and are being sold together with a pair of General Electric CF34-8E engines each.

The ch-aviation fleets history module shows that EgyptAir Express - which was merged into the mainline EgyptAir (MS, Cairo International) in 2019 - operated twelve E170s. Besides the nine currently up for sale, the other three units were sold to state-owned CIAF Leasing of which two are currently dry leased to Tunisia's Jasmin Airways (JAW, Enfidha) and one is operated by the lessor's in-house airline CIAF Leasing - Air Operation (Cairo International).

EgyptAir's current regional jet fleet currently comprises twelve A220-300s.