The Moldovan civil aviation authority (Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă - AAC) has withdrawn 23 of the 38 traffic rights held by FlyOne (5F, Chisinau International) after a wave of cancellations caused by a lack of aircraft.

"At the time of the issuance [of the rights], AAC took into account the available capacity of the company and the fact that it intended to induct two A321-200s (with 220 seats per aircraft), which were not delivered by the supplier. As a result of the analysis and discussions with the airline, in order to reduce the risks of flight cancellations and delays, a number of changes were made to the flight permits previously issued by the AAC," the regulator said in a statement.

While a detailed breakdown was not publicly announced, the regulator did say the changes would not affect passengers.

The Moldovan carrier is backed by the former minister of justice, Vladimir Cebotari, and operates one A319-100 and four A320-200s. Although all five aircraft are registered in Moldova, the A319 and two A320s operate on behalf of its FlyOne (Armenia) (3F, Yerevan) subsidiary.

FlyOne did not respond to a request for comment.