Having considered an order for A350-1000s five years ago, the CEO of Philippine Airlines (PR, Manila Ninoy Aquino International) has again expressed interest in the aircraft type, telling media at an event in Manila recently that the airline wanted to re-examine its orderbook and that the A350-1000 was back under consideration.

CEO Stanley Ng was not chief executive in 2018 when talks did not progress to an order. Previously, in 2016, Philippine Airlines ordered and later received six A350-900s via lessors. But it has since culled that sub-fleet down to two aircraft, as two were returned in 2021 and two in 2022 during a restructuring process. However, since exiting the restructuring and returning to profitability (primarily due to a shortage of international capacity in and out of the Philippines), the carrier is now looking to increase its capital expenditure, including taking on additional aircraft.

Ng didn't say how many A350-1000s he was interested in acquiring. Nor did he provide any decision-making timelines. But he did confirm that Philippine Airlines would re-activate its seven parked planes this year and take delivery of thirteen A321-200Ns between now and 2026. Those parked aircraft due for re-activation include one A320-200, two A321-200s, two A321-200Ns, one A330-300, and one B777-300ER. This was recently reported by ch-aviation, along with comments from Ng that refurbishments would need to occur before any return to service and that supply chain delays could also impact a return to service date.

Philippine Airlines' current widebody fleet includes the two A350-900s, ten A330-300s, and nine B777-300(ER)s. All the aircraft are relatively young, the oldest being a 13.39-year-old B777-300(ER) registered as RP-C7777 (msn 826). The airline operates a mixture of owned and lease aircraft. According to the ch-aviation fleets module, one of the A330s will be returned to lessor Park Aerospace Holdings in December 2023, while one B777-300(ER) is due to go back to Castlelake and Voyager Aviation in the fourth quarter of 2024. Vovager is also taking back another of the Boeing jets early in 2025, while another A330 will go back to its lessor later that year. Philippine Airlines does not have any existing orders for widebody planes at either Airbus or Boeing.