Air India Express (IX, Delhi International) and AIX Connect (I5, Bengaluru International) (formerly known as AirAsia India) have merged their reservation systems as they look to complete their merger.

"The integration of the core reservations and passenger-facing systems of Air India Express and AirAsia India marks a significant milestone in the Air India Group's transformation journey. This new Air India Express, operating both domestically and internationally using systems optimised for low-cost airlines, gives the Group a much stronger LCC platform," Air India (AI, Delhi International) Chief Executive Campbell Wilson said.

The migration included unifying the airline's customer service and social media presence. Regarding their reservations system, the merged airline will largely use systems previously used by AIX Connect, as they are better suited for the low-cost carrier. The ch-aviation PRO airlines module shows that AIX Connect uses the NewSkies reservation system provided by Amadeus IT Group, while Air India Express used Radixx International Ress. Parent company Air India and the group's fourth carrier, Vistara (UK, Delhi International), use the Amadeus Altea PSS.

The merger of the various airlines became possible after Tata Sons, the owner of AirAsia India and majority shareholder in Vistara, acquired Air India during last year's privatisation drive. The conglomerate subsequently resolved to simplify the holding structure to just two brands: full-service Air India merged with Vistara, and low-cost Air India Express merged with AIX Connect.

The airline did not announce a specific timeline for the completion of the mergers.

Air India Express and AIX Connect currently operate different narrowbody fleets - the former operates twenty-six B737-800s, and the latter twenty-five A320-200s and five A320-200Ns, according to the ch-aviation fleets module. The two airlines have no route overlaps, as Air India Express operates nearly exclusively internationally, focussing on services between India and the Gulf countries and Singapore Changi. In turn, AIX Connect flies exclusively domestically in India. Five domestic routes served by Air India Express are not served by AIX Connect, the ch-aviation schedules module shows.