Arajet (DM, Santo Domingo Las Américas) has confirmed it is flying uninterruptedly over the Dutch Caribbean after the region's air navigation service provider (ANSP) lifted a pending suspension of the airline's services following the payment of outstanding fees.

The Dutch Caribbean ANSP also confirmed receipt of the overdue payment from Arajet and that the suspension - which would have come into effect on April 11 - was cancelled. This was supported by an official aeronautical circular shared with ch-aviation.

According to an Arajet spokesperson, the payment had been delayed due to a clerical error as the DC-ANSP invoices were going to the wrong email.

"Arajet prepays the Dutch Caribbean ANSP for overflight fees. However, a separate charge for airport approach fees was billed separately and not debited from the account holding the prepayment. The regulator was sending invoices and communicating the situation to the originally communicated email, which is no longer being managed. As such, the situation was not noted until last Saturday. Yesterday Arajet contacted the DC-ANSP, paid the outstanding balance, and advised them of the new email address," she explained.

Earlier this week, the regulator had issued a notice that it was suspending Arajet's five B737-8s from operating in the Dutch Caribbean from April 11. Arajet is the first low-fare airline in the Caribbean region and started operations in September 2022. From Santo Domingo Las Américas, it serves 17 destinations in the Caribbean and Central and South America, according to the ch-aviation schedules module.