Aeronaves TSM (VTM, Saltillo) has ordered six incremental CRJ200ER(SF) converted freighters from Aeronautical Engineers, Inc.

The conversion supplier said it had already begun modifying the first aircraft at the Commercial Jet facility at Dothan airport. The deliveries of all six aircraft will complete by June 2024. The airline already operates eleven CRJ200ER(SF)s, as well as one CRJ200LR and one CRJ200LR(PF), the ch-aviation fleets module shows. The Mexican cargo specialist owns a further twelve CRJ200s via its investment vehicle Frontera Flight Holdings. Two of these - ex-Endeavor Air N977EV (msn 7720) and ex-ExpressJet Airlines N973EV (msn 7575) - are already under conversion at Dothan.

Aeronaves TSM's extensive freighter fleet also comprises one B737-300(F), two B737-400(F)s, three B737-400(SF)s, one CRJ100, two CRJ100ER(PF)s, four DC-9-10Fs, one DC-9-10RC, three DC-9-30(CF)s, three DC-9-30Fs, three DC-9-30RCs, four MD-82(SF), and eleven MD-83(SF)s. In addition, it operates twenty-five Metroliner(F)s and two CV-640 freighters.