Contour Airlines (LF, Tupelo) has requested a hub change for its Essential Air Service (EAS) at Owensboro from Charlotte International to Chicago O'Hare effective August 1 for the duration of its contract.

In its May 3 application to the US Department of Transportation (DOT), Contour Airlines says the request follows consultations with the Owensboro community in Daviess County, Kentucky.

Contour Airlines seeks permission to shift its 12 weekly round trips provided to the city, but there will be no change in the gauge of service and no change in the subsidy.

In a separate letter, the board of the Owensboro Daviess County Regional Airport, on behalf of the Owensboro and Daviess County community, expressed support for the hub change requested by Contour Airlines. "We believe this will be in the best interest of the community maximising the benefits to the travelling public, and will result in no change in subsidy," it said.

According to its initial January 2023 proposal for the Owensboro EAS contract, Contour Airlines operates 30-seater Embraer regional jets as 14 CFR Part 380 public charters on the route over a 36-month term at a subsidy of USD5.6 million annually. The airline's 30-seater Embraer jet fleet includes six EMB-135ERs, four EMB-135LRs and seven EMB-140LRs, according to the ch-aviation fleets module. Contour Airlines has an interline partnership with American Airlines, which operates hubs at both Charlotte International and Chicago O'Hare.