WestJet (WS, Calgary) has revealed plans to operate foreign scheduled cargo flights between Canada and the US to the full extent authorised under the Open Skies Agreement between the neighbouring states.

The Canadian carrier, on May 22, applied to the US Department of Transportation (DOT) for expanded exemption authority under the US-Canada Open Skies Agreement for scheduled air transport of property and mail between the US and other any point/s.

WestJet already flies schedules and charters between Canada and the US per its foreign air carrier permit, which allows it to engage in scheduled foreign air transport of passengers, property, and mail from points behind Canada, via Canada, and intermediate points, to point/s in the US and beyond.

WestJet's permit also authorises it to operate foreign charters ferrying passengers, property and mail between any point/s in Canada and any point/in the US and any point/s in a third country or countries. Except for cargo charters, flights must be continuous.

The airline's application did not mention the US destinations or aircraft to use. WestJet has three dedicated B737-800(BCF) freighters, ch-aviation fleets data reveals.