Sudan has reopened its airspace to commercial flights, albeit in a very restricted way limited to arrivals and departures at Port Sudan International.

According to NOTAM A0086/23, issued on August 13 and effective August 15, all of Sudan's airspace is now a restricted area (coded HSR5) with only three contingency routes: one bidirectional for aircraft arriving to Port Sudan and leaving the airport for Egyptian airspace and two unidirectional ones for flights from and to Saudi Arabian airspace.

In effect, the change allows preapproved operations in the northeastern part of the country.

The rest of Sudan's airspace, including all routes to and from Khartoum, remain available only for humanitarian and evacuation flights with prior approval.

Sudanese airspace was closed to all civilian operations in mid-April 2023 after clashes erupted between two rival military factions claiming control over the country. Fighting at Khartoum airport destroyed a substantial number of parked aircraft, including commercial jets. Badr Airlines (J4, Khartoum) and Tarco Aviation (3T, Khartoum) have continued to operate a limited number of scheduled flights out of Port Sudan.