Irish lessor ACG Aircraft Leasing wants Go First (GOW, Mumbai International) to replace missing parts on its aircraft placed at the airline and also wants around-the-clock security for its aircraft, according to a Reuters report.

Citing a September 1 non-public court filing at the Delhi High Court, the report says following an inspection of its planes, parts, including fan blades and escape slides, were missing from two of its four aircraft placed at Go First. The filing reveals that ACG asked Go First for a list of missing parts, a so-called "robbery list," but Go First declined, replying that they were not obligated to do so. Go First ceased operations and filed for insolvency in early May 2023.

ACG Aircraft Leasing Ireland Ltd is a Aviation Capital Group SPV. ch-aviation fleets data reveals the four aircraft, all A320-200Ns, ACG has at Go First are VT-WGI (msn 7594), VT-WGJ (msn 7737), VT-WGK (msn 7753), and VT-WGM (msn 7859). One of the planes, VT-WGI, is stored at Goa Mopa, while the remaining three are at Delhi International.

ACG also alleges an engine was removed from one of their aircraft and put it onto another plane belonging to another lessor. Recent court rulings have allowed lessors occasional access to their aircraft for inspection purposes, but lessors are barred from repossessing and repatriating their aircraft. Go First's 54-strong fleet is comprised entirely of leased aircraft, and ch-aviation has reported that the combined 12 lessors want all of their planes back.

Counsel for ACG also asked the court for permission to put 24-hour security around their aircraft to prevent further pilfering and also requested the court order Go First to replace all the missing parts. The lessor did not respond ch-aviation's request for comment. The matter returns to the High Court on September 13.