Samoa Airways (OL, Apia Faleolo) will re-commence scheduled ops from Apia's second airport, Apia Fagali'i, on September 25, with up to five roundtrips a day between Fagali'i and Pago Pago/ Tafuna Airport.

Samoa Airways announced the services in a September 18 press release posted in its social media accounts. The flights mark the return of scheduled passenger operations to Fagali'i Airport, which has operated on an on-and-off basis since the 1970s. It reopened to traffic in late May after a four-year closure. During that time, the airport underwent an estimated WST2.6 million Samoan tālā (USD918,800) upgrade, which included extending the runway to 710 metres and renovating the terminal. Samoa Airways had indicated some interest in resuming flights at the airport, but until now had not done so.

According to the press release, the airline will split its Apia - Pago Pago flights between Fagali'i and Apia Faleolo (the country's primary airport). On Sundays, there will be three roundtrips a day between Apia Faleolo and Pago Pago, with services switching to Fagali'i Airport for the remainder of the week. There will be four roundtrips on Mondays and five daily roundtrips over the rest of the week.

Samoa Airways also notes that its third DHC-6-300 has returned to service after 12 months on the sidelines while undergoing maintenance and repairs. "The Twin Otter, which was undergoing repairs was completed around May, but we waited for the Civil Aviation Authority to complete and carry out the certification before it can fly, and that has been completed," interim CEO Fauoo Fatu Tielu told the Samoa Observer outlet. 5W-STF (msn 402) rejoins 5W-FAW (msn 827) and 5W-FAY (msn 690) to connect Maota Savai'i Island, Pago Pago, Ofu, and Fitiuta to the two airports in Apia.