IndiGo Airlines (6E, Delhi International) may venture away from its low-cost carrier roots and start installing business-class cabins in some of its A321neo aircraft. The Economic Times has reported that the airline plans to put 16 such seats into each of 35 aircraft by the end of 2024.

“Four rows of extra-legroom seating will be installed in those aircraft, providing 36 inches of legroom for guests to stretch out or work comfortably," a source told the outlet.

If correct, the move would be a departure from IndiGo's successful operating model, which has seen it become India's biggest airline. However, the newspaper also suggested that the move could be a response to the overhaul of Air India and a broader trend towards more premium travel in India.

“The airline believes that there is a section of high-end leisure travellers and small business owners looking for a business-class product at fares lower than those charged by legacy airlines," the source claimed.

IndiGo did not respond to ch-aviation's request for comment.

According to ch-aviation fleets data, IndiGo's existing 342-strong fleet is now dominated by A320 and A320N types, but it is also operating ninety-four A321-200NXs. It also has 942 aircraft on order, including 677 A321neo types, specifically 384 A321-200Ns, 224 A321-200NX, and sixty-nine A321-200NY(XLR)s.

The newspaper's source did not say exactly which kind of A321neo the carrier was considering installing the business seats on. However, the long-range A321-200NY(XLR)s will target markets in Europe and elsewhere with flying times of seven hours plus and are possible contenders. Airbus will start their first deliveries of the type to IndiGo in 2025.