The Belarusian government has banned the landing of any aircraft entering from European Union airspace without special authorisation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Overflights are not affected by the decision.

NOTAM O0770/23 entered into force on December 3, 2023, and will remain valid at least through March 3, 2024. It simultaneously bans aircraft departing from Belarus from entering the airspace of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia - the three EU neighbours of Belarus.

Belaeronavigatsiya said the decision was issued "to protect national interests".

The decision affects a very limited number of flights as all Belarusian airlines have been banned from entering the EU since December 2021, in response to the Minsk-orchestrated forced diversion of a Ryanair B737 to arrest anti-government activists who were onboard. Tensions subsequently heightened as Belarus sided with Russia during its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Currently, there is no airline traffic of any sort between the EU and Russia/Belarus. While non-EU foreign airlines continue to serve Minsk National, they link the city with destinations in Russia and other countries in Asia and as such, do not need to overfly the EU.