Cathay Pacific (CX, Hong Kong International) has issued a request for information (RFI) with a view to replacing some of its older mid-sized widebody jets with B787, A330N, or A350 types.

Multiple Hong Kong-based news outlets are reporting on the prospective order. A Cathay Pacific spokesperson declined to respond to specific questions put to them by ch-aviation but said the airline continues to invest in expanding and modernising their fleet in line with their growth plans. "We regularly review our fleet development plans in accordance with our future requirements," the spokesperson said. "We are evaluating options for a versatile, mid-sized widebody aircraft that can undertake a range of missions and grow our passenger and cargo business."

Last month, the airline ordered six A350Fs from Airbus, with options for a further 20. In November, speaking to ch-aviation in Singapore, CEO Ronald Lam flagged the RFI, saying one was soon to be issued.

"During the pandemic, we fought really hard to survive and we had to conserve cash," he said. "Therefore we couldn't do much in terms of investment for the future. Now, we are now in a different stage. We need to rebuild from the pandemic and we have a lot to catch up on.

According to ch-aviation fleets data, in addition to the recent freighter order, Cathay Pacific has eight A320-200Ns, twenty-four A321-200Ns, and four A321-200NX on order at Airbus, plus twenty-one B777-9s on order at Boeing, whose aircraft have historically dominated Cathay Pacific's fleet. However, in recent years, the tide has swung in favour of Airbus.

Both Boeing and Airbus declined to comment on the prospective order.

The oldest widebody subfleets at the carrier include the A330-300 and B777-300 types. Cathay Pacific is operating fifty-one A330-300s. The oldest aircraft among that type is 31.11 years, while the youngest is 8.86 years. Twenty-two are over 20 years old, and eight are over 25 years old. The seventeen B777-300s in Cathay's fleet vary from 17.58 to 26.53 years old, with fourteen of the planes more than 20 years old.