Fly91 (IC, Goa Dabolim) has reached an agreement with DAE Capital to lease two ATR72-600s, with deliveries expected this year. They will be the start-up carrier's first aircraft. Fly91 has said it intends to start flights later this year.

The airline aims to connect smaller Indian cities with a fleet of turboprops. It is a joint venture between Indian airline executive Manoj Chacko and Mumbai-based private equity firm Convergent Finance. Chacko has previously said he intends to grow the fleet to six ATRs within six months. He says the ATR72-600 allows for efficient and sustainable operations from most regional airports in the country.

"We are firmly committed to the country’s development through last-mile air connectivity that aims to serve unserved and under-served cities in India," Chacko said.

Along with taking delivery and inducting its first two aircraft, Fly91 also needs to lock in its air operator's certificate (AOC) before starting. Chacko told ch-aviation that the airline is in the final stages of the application process and hopes to secure it within the next few weeks.