Flair Airlines (F8, Kelowna) expects 2024 to be a “muted year” with likely zero fleet growth, due partly to the issues currently plaguing Boeing, the company’s chief executive, Stephen Jones, has said in an interview. The airline also faces hefty debts with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for CAD67 million Canadian dollars (USD49.9 million).

First reported by Bloomberg, Jones said in an interview that the six B737 MAX aircraft expected to be delivered by late autumn this year will not arrive on time. “So this year will be one of low or no growth, but we expect to be back to full growth in 2025,” he added.

The ch-aviation database shows Flair Airlines expects to receive eight B737-8-200s, ordered by parent entity 777 Partners. These will introduce the type for the carrier. ch-aviation reached out to Flair for comment, but the airline was not immediately available.

The company’s debt of CAD67 million prompted the CRA to obtain an order for the seizure and sale of land in Alberta owned by the carrier. This amount is related to unpaid import duties on the Flair fleet, which comprises eighteen B737-8s and two B737-800s.

However, Jones said the carrier had reached an agreement with the agency to make monthly payments and dismissed any concerns related to the possibility of the company’s assets being seized and sold.

Last year, three Irish-based lessors repossessed four aircraft from Flair and filed a lawsuit against the ULCC, alleging it failed to pay sums due under the leases.