Emirates (EK, Dubai International) President Tim Clark has said he expects the arrival of Boeing’s new B777X to be delayed again and that the first delivery of the type could be held up until 2026.

“The 777X [delivery] is probably at the back end of next year and maybe 2026, if we’re unlucky,” he said during a speech at the Aviation Club UK, as reported by Reuters.

The United Arab Emirates-based carrier has an order for thirty-five B777-8s and 170 B777-9s, the ch-aviation fleets module shows.

First ordered in July 2014, Emirates initially expected to receive and introduce the new aircraft variants in 2020, but the programme has suffered multiple delays over the years. Simultaneously, Boeing is now facing increasing scrutiny from US authorities following several safety mishaps and an alleged overall lack of quality control. The US manufacturer was recently given until the end of May to come up with "a comprehensive action plan to address its systemic quality-control issues."

ch-aviation reached out to Emirates and Boeing for comment. Boeing declined to comment.

The B777-8 has received orders from two carriers for 43 units. Alongside Emirates' order, Etihad Airways expects eight. Meanwhile, the B777-9 has notched up orders for 355 units from nine customers: ANA - All Nippon Airways with 18, Air India with ten, British Airways with 18, Cathay Pacific with 21, Emirates with 170, Etihad Airways with 17, Lufthansa with 20, Qatar Airways with 40, and Singapore Airlines with 31, as well as ten unassigned.