Virgin Australia Regional (VA, Perth International) (VARA) intends to replace its aging Fokker 100s with either Embraer or Airbus Canada aircraft types, according to the Airline Ratings outlet, citing a memo to employees written by the carrier's executive general manager, Nathan Miller.

“We have narrowed down the potential replacement aircraft for our F100s to either the E190-E2 or A220-100. These are new-generation aircraft providing superior performance compared to the F100," the memo reads.

The Virgin Australia (VA, Brisbane International) subsidiary currently operates a fleet of six A320-200s and six F100s, primarily on closed charter fly-in-fly-out routes within Western Australia. The Airbus jets are leased, while the Fokkers are company-owned. According to ch-aviation fleets data, the average age of the F100s is 31.3 years.

Miller said that VARA canvassed replacement options for them three years ago, ruling out larger types such as the B737-700 because they were too big for several airports it operates to. He added that he now foresees around four new aircraft entering the fleet from mid-2025.

"The Western Australia charter market is the biggest charter market in Australia, with the most vigorous competition being in the 100-seat segment," the memo reads. "If we go ahead with either of these aircraft, this will be the first time that the Western Australia 100-seat charter market has had new aircraft since the days of Ansett Australia, which would be great for our business and great for our clients."

ch-aviation understands that mid-2025 is the earliest date and is subject to several variables, including aircraft availability.