Air Zimbabwe (UM, Harare International) has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the sale of four derelict aircraft - two B737-200s and two BAe 146s - as well as other sundry spare parts.

Described as "partly parted out", Z-WPB (msn 23678) and Z-WPC (msn 23679) were both ordered by the carrier in 1987 and delivered the same year. They have been parked at Harare International for over a decade, the ch-aviation fleets module shows. Air Zimbabwe said the duo have no engines or APUs, have had their brakes, hydraulic parts, doors, and most windows removed, and have also been stripped of their seats. However, they still have landing gears installed.

Air Zimbabwe continues to operate one more B737-200, Z-WPA (msn 23677), which is one of just 29 remaining active aircraft of the type.

In turn, the BAe 146s are described as "shells" and have been parted out more than the B737s. BAe 146-200 ZS-SDX (msn E2046) is a 1985 build and has been stored at Harare airport since 2012. Its last operator, before the ferry to Zimbabwe, was Allegiance Air, the ch-aviation fleets history module shows. The other BAe 146 is 5H-SDX the serial number of which is unknown. The only other BAe 146 currently parked at Harare airport is another -200, ZS-WPD (msn E2065), previously operated by Air Zimbabwe itself but inactive since 2006. There are also three ARJ-85s parked at the airport.

The airline did not respond to ch-aviation's request for more details.

The tender also comprises a B707 reverse thrust test rig, BAe 146 parts, and parts for other types as another lot.

The tender is open to local and international bidders. Buyers will have 21 days to remove the assets from Harare airport.