Frontier Airlines (F9, Denver International) has asked the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to register the new trade name Frontera for use in certain of its air transportation operations. The DOT confirmed the brand name raised no similarity or other issues requiring resolution under Part 215 and approved it for use in Frontier’s operations starting May 6.

ch-aviation reached out to Frontier Airlines for comment on the plans it has with the alternative trade name.

Separately, Frontier took delivery of six A321-200NX aircraft during the first quarter of 2024, the company revealed. For the remainder of the year, it expects to add seventeen further airframes, all of which are expected to be financed through sale-and-leaseback transactions. It also has two engine purchase orders for this year.

So far in the second quarter, it has added three more A321-200NX, the ch-aviation fleets module shows. The carrier’s fleet now comprises 145 aircraft, including eight A320-200s, eighty-two A320-200Ns, twenty-one A321-200s, and thirty-four A321-200NX.

Frontier Airlines has commitments to purchase an aggregate of 67 A320neo and 137 A321neo airframes, with deliveries expected until 2030, namely:

  • 2025: 42 aircraft (seventeen A320neo, twenty-five A321neo);
  • 2026: 41 aircraft (nineteen A320neo, twenty-two A321neo);
  • 2027: 42 aircraft (twenty-one A320neo, twenty-one A321neo);
  • 2028: 40 aircraft (ten A320neo, thirty A321neo); and
  • 2029 and beyond: 22 aircraft (all A321neo).

Furthermore, the company still has the option to convert eighteen A320neo to the A321-200NY(XLR). This option, available since the US private equity firm Indigo Partners placed an order with Airbus for 255 additional aircraft in 2021, has not been exercised.