ANA Holdings has announced it will acquire up to thirty B737-8s and eighteen A320neo for placement with its various subsidiaries.

In a statement, the Japanese group said the order with Boeing (BOE, Washington National) would entail twenty firm B737 MAX 8s with options for ten more. Deliveries will run from April 2021 through to March 2026. The jets will presumably be placed with the group's mainline ANA - All Nippon Airways (NH, Tokyo Haneda) unit which operates forty B737-800s and seven -700s.

ANA's Peach Aviation (MM, Osaka Kansai) low-cost subsidiary said in a separate statement that it had now firmed an order with Airbus for eighteen A320neo. Combined with a previous order for eight of the type placed in 2016, Peach now has twenty-six A320neo on order from Airbus alongside two A321neo(LR)s.

Deliveries of the 2016 order A320neo will take place in 2020 while those from this recent batch will deliver from April 2021 through to March 2026.