Air India (AI, Delhi International) plans to reactivate 17 aircraft, which have been grounded for "a prolonged period", by the end of October, CEO Ashwani Lohani told PTI newswire.

The first eight inactive aircraft, which include four A320 Family jets, one B747-400, one B777-300(ER), and two B787-8s, will return to revenue service by the end of August. The reactivation of the remaining nine aircraft is subject to Air India receiving additional funds for maintenance.

"We are aiming for revenue maximisation. Therefore, we plan to put the retrieved aircraft back into operation as soon as possible," Lohani said.

The Indian flag carrier is planning to use the aircraft, among others, to launch new routes from Mumbai International to Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta (due to start on September 27) and from Delhi International via Chennai to Denpasar (October 27).

According to the ch-aviation fleets module, Air India's currently grounded fleet includes five A319-100s, six A321-200s, two B747-400s, three B777-300(ER)s (of which two are due to be reconfigured as VIP transports), and two B787-8s.

The carrier, in total, operates 127 aircraft, including twenty-two A319s, nine A320-200s, twenty-seven A320-200neo, twenty A321-200s, four B747-400s, three B777-200(LR)s, fifteen B777-300(ER)s, and twenty-seven B787-8s.