Pilots at Royal Air Maroc (AT, Casablanca Mohamed V) have expressed their categorical opposition to a cut in their wages necessitated, according to their employer, by the coronavirus crisis.

The Moroccan flag carrier said in a brief statement on its website on March 21 that “pursuant to the decision of the government of the Kingdom of Morocco, Royal Air Maroc announces the suspension, until further notice, of all its flights.”

Imposed until further notice, the measure compelled the state-backed airline to implement cuts in operating costs, including reducing the salaries of its employees by between 10% and 30%. The carrier's 600 pilots objected to the decision through a letter to their employer.

Public opinion has not been on the pilots' side, however. Across the country's media and social media, voices have been raised to denounce the pilots' lack of solidarity during this unprecedented period.

Some went as far as demanding reforms to put an end to pilots' privileges, including a permanent reduction of their salaries, which in many cases are the equivalent of 60 times the interprofessional guaranteed minimum wage (salaire minimum interprofessionnel garanti - SMIG) in Morocco.