Ravn Alaska (7H, Anchorage Ted Stevens) has changed its corporate name from Corvus Airlines, Inc. to Northern Pacific Airways, Inc.

This has emerged from a November 2 regulatory filing with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) in which Corvus has requested an expedited revision and re-issuance of its Public Convenience and Necessity (PCN) certificate to reflect the name change.

The company said this would not affect the management, control, operations, financial condition, citizenship, or airline ownership, nor would it trigger any additional requirements or further analysis of the DOT’s economic regulations. Chief Executive Officer Rob McKinney will continue to manage the operations of the renamed company.

As previously reported, McKinney intends to use the Northern Pacific Airways (Anchorage Ted Stevens) brand – to be operated on the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) of parent Corvus Airlines – to provide an air link between the mainland USA and Asia via the currently under-utilised North Terminal at Anchorage Ted Stevens in Alaska.

Corvus is a Washington corporation that currently holds a PCN certificate to engage in scheduled interstate air transport of persons, property, and mail.

The company requests that the previously registered trade names of Ravn Alaska and Northern Pacific Airways be reflected on the reissued PCN certificate, but also intends to retain the registered trade names of “Northern Pacific” and “Northern Pacific Airlines”, which the Department had previously registered for Corvus.