Fly540 (5H, Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta) CEO Don Smith has announced that the Kenyan regional carrier would have withdrawn the Fly540 brand license for Fastjet (FN, Dar es Salaam) asking the low-cost carrier to stop using the Fly540 brand for its operations in Angola, Ghana and Tanzania within a week. Fastjet had acquired Lonrho Aviation in 2012 and now controls regional carriers Fly540 Angola (F5, Luanda), Fly540 Ghana (5G, Accra) and Fly540 Tanzania (FTZ, Dar es Salaam) which had been set-up by Lonrho as Fly540 franchise operators. Fastjet has refused the statements by Fly540 as "false and damaging" saying that it had already paid to acquire the Fly540 brand and would take legal action against Fly540 if Smith would continue to "create" issues. It says it had agreed with Smith and his partners to acquire Fly540 in Kenya as well but would now go ahead and work with JetLink Express (J0, Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta) instead. Fly540 Angola operates two ATR 72-200s and an ATR 72-500, Fly540 Ghana operates an E170 and an ATR 72-500. Both carriers are expected to be rebranded as Fastjet at a later stage.