TAMPA Cargo (QT, Medellín José Maria Córdova) has been officially renamed to Avianca Cargo (QT, Medellín José Maria Córdova) following the recent merger of Avianca (AV, Bogotá), TACA International Airlines (TA, San Salvador Int'l) and subsidiaries, AeroGal (2K, Quito Int'l) and Tampa Cargo into a centralized Avianca brand. Born in 2010 through the integration of Tampa Cargo with Avianca's, TACA's, and Aerogal's respective cargo divisions, the airline operates a diverse fleet of two A330-200(F)s (with three on order), three B767-200(F)s and a B767-300(F) on flights that extend throughout Central and South America and the US and sells the cargo capacity on all carriers of Avianca Holdings.