Croatia Airlines (OU, Zagreb) says it may consider selling off an disclosed number of London Heathrow landing and take-off slots as part of its restructuring programme. According to EX-YU Aviation News, the move would allow the airline to raise additional funds needed to complete the programme this year though a two-year probation period is expected to follow in 2016 and 2017.

The Croatian carrier has a total of nine weekly Heathrow slots all of which are used for Zagreb flights during the winter season.

Earlier this year, SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SK, Copenhagen Kastrup) sold one of its twenty-one Heathrow slots to Turkish Airlines (TK, Istanbul New) for USD60 million while prior to its bankruptcy, Cyprus Airways (1947) (CY, Larnaca) last year sold off its two Heathrow slots to MEA - Middle East Airlines (ME, Beirut) and American Airlines (AA, Dallas/Fort Worth) for USD8.3million and USD31 million respectively.