The new CEO of Sun Country Airlines (SY, Minneapolis/St. Paul) has revealed further details about the carrier's plans to move to a more low-cost model. Speaking at the Boyd Forecast Summit, Jude Bricker said that the airline will adjust its class layouts, swap its B737-700s for -800s, and will expand its network beyond its Minneapolis/St. Paul hub.

Although Brick stressed that he wasn't planning for Sun Country "to become a Spirit Airlines or Frontier Airlines", he said lessons could be drawn from their ULCC model. Checked-luggage fees will be introduced in January, and seat selection charges will follow, reports Travel Weekly.

In a bid to streamline its fleet, Sun Country will phase out its six B737-700 aircraft and move to an all B737-800 operation. To maintain capacity, Bricker is looking to bring on second-hand 800s. Currently, Sun Country has sixteen of the type.

The economy seat configuration will be increased from 150 to 174, and first class will be halved from twelve to six seats. Additionally, first class amenities will be scaled back, including food offerings. "What people pay us for is the big seat," Bricker said. He told ch-aviation that he expects the reconfiguration to start in the fall of 2018.

He also confirmed that Sun Country will expand from its current hub at Minneapolis and will add additional cities from next summer.

Sun Country serves destinations through the US, as well as Mexico, Aruba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and the US Virgin Islands.