ANA - All Nippon Airways (NH, Tokyo Haneda) is still keen on investing in Myanmar, despite two failed attempts so far, ANA Holdings CEO Shinya Katanozaka has told Bloomberg.

"We’re going to find a new partner again. Even though this is going to be our third attempt, we didn’t even think about giving up on the plan," Katanozaka told Bloomberg.

ANA hopes to capitalise on the opening of the Myanma market and targets both growing middle-class passengers travelling out of the country, as well as incoming investors.

The Japanese conglomerate is expected to announce its new plan for the Southeast Asian state in its new five-year strategy to be launched in February 2018.

ANA Holdings first tried to establish a Myanmar-based venture in 2014 by acquiring a 49% stake in Asian Wings Airways (AWM, Yangon). The project was abandoned citing "an increasingly competitive Myanma domestic market". In May 2016, ANA Holdings secured approval from the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) to establish Asian Blue Aviation (Yangon) as a 49/51 joint-venture with Myanmar's Golden Sky World but dropped this plan in November this year after it failed to obtain a local air operator's certificate (AOC).