Five as of yet unidentified men stole USD5 million in cash from the Sao Paulo Viracopos airport tarmac on March 4. The money was due to be flown via Dakar Blaise Diagne Int'l to Frankfurt Int'l on board a Lufthansa Cargo (LH, Frankfurt Int'l) freighter, Air Cargo News has reported.

The robbery happened at around 2200LT (0100Z) as the cargo was being prepared for loading on board a MD-11(F) freighter.

The gang has reportedly entered the airport premises in a pick-up truck mimicking the security company's vehicles. The robbery, during which the security agents were reportedly threatened with weapons, took only about six minutes.

According to the ch-aviation capacity module, Lufthansa Cargo operates 7 weekly departures out of Campinas Viracopos, a major cargo hub serving the São Paulo state. The German freight specialist operates services to Frankfurt via Montevideo, Buenos Aires Ezeiza, Natal Aluizio Alves, and Dakar Blaise Diagne Int'l, as well as to Curitiba Int'l. Other cargo airlines present at the airport include Atlas Air, Avianca Cargo, Cargolux, Emirates, Korean Air, LATAM Cargo Brasil, LATAM Cargo Chile, Martinair, and Modern Logistics.