bmi regional (BM, Aberdeen Dyce) has rebranded as flybmi (BM, Aberdeen Dyce), adjusting the name to the website domain used, the carrier has said in a statement.

The website and booking engine have also been updated and simplified. The carrier's new logo continues to reference the legacy of the bmi brand and has not been designed anew.

The new booking engine has been developed by Germanys' 2e Systems.

bmi regional itself was rebranded from British Midland Commuter in 2001. The carrier was a subsidiary of bmi british midland (BD, East Midlands) prior to the acquisition of the airline by British Airways in 2012. Subsequently, BA did not retain ownership of bmi regional and sold it to Sector Aviation Holdings. Nowadays, flybmi is owned by Airline Investments Limited which also controls Loganair (LM, Glasgow Int'l).