Centurion Air Cargo (WE, Miami Int'l) has given up hope of resuming flight operations following the return of its Air Carrier Certificate (ACC) to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on June 1 of this year.

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) said in a filing last week that in light of the return of the licence, it had also revoked Centurion's certificate authority, authorizing it to engage in interstate charter air transportation of property and mail, for reason of dormancy.

In April this year, Centurion Air Cargo owner and chairman Alfonso Rey had implored the DOT not to revoke its economic authority as, at the time, talks were ongoing with an unspecified US investor. The recapitalization talks were critical to the carrier resuming commercial flights.

However, the DOT noted in last week's disclosure that Centurion informed it a month later that it had decided against continuing to pursue the resumption of its operations. This then lead to the return of its ACC to the FAA in June.

"Under these circumstances, and in accordance with section 204.7 of our rules, we revoke Centurion’s interstate and foreign charter certificate authority," the DOT said.

Despite Centurion's demise, sister carrier SkyLease Cargo (GG, Miami Int'l) continues to operate. According to the ch-aviation fleets module, its fleet consists of two B747-400(ERF)s, one B747-400(FSCD), two MD-11CFs, and one MD-11(F).