BB Airways (BBW, Kathmandu) has sold its only aircraft, B757-200 9N-ACA (msn 23850), to Aventure Aviation for part-out and scrap.

The 32-year-old jet was sold by Nepal Airlines (RA, Kathmandu) to the start-up carrier in October 2017 for NPR145 million Nepalese rupees (USD1.41 million at the time). It had planned to operate the aircraft on regional routes but owing to a lack of permits, was never able to ferry it out of Kathmandu resulting in it languishing at the airfield ever since.

"The former Nepal Airlines aircraft was being maintained as a flyer until the current owners made the decision to sell off the assets," Aventure said in a statement. "Included in this package is a GTCP331-200ER APU, as well as heavy weight landing gear."

Aventure said that the Boeing twinjet will be dismantled at the Nepalese airport with parts subsequently transferred to the company's site in the United States. Two Rolls-Royce RB211-535E4 engines will be ferried to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson.

Since the sale, BB Airways has reverted back to dormancy.

For its part, Nepal Airlines is currently trying to sell its other inactive B757-200(M), 9N-ACB (msn 23863).